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Cannabis Marketing | YouWho Digital
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We KNOW Cannabis Marketing.

YouWho Digital has over 15+ years of experience working in the cannabis industry in various capacities from sales to cannabis marketing. With the number of restrictions in the industry and ever changing regulations it’s important to work with an agency that understands the nuances of cannabis marketing. The cannabis industry is projected to reach over $50 billion by 2028 as new states start to come online with federal legalization looming.

Our team has experience working with high level clients across the U.S. with an in-depth educational background in both medical and recreational markets.

We specialize in serving clients in the cannabis industry from creating user-friendly cannabis websites, to cannabis social media services, high-quality content creation, marketing collateral for print and digital, graphic and logo design and more.

Cannabis Marketing | YouWho Digital
Client Logos- Eureka
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Cannabis Marketing | Mountain High Suckers
Cannabis Influencer Marketing
Cannabis Marketing | Mountain High Suckers
Cannabis Influencer Marketing

B2C Cannabis Companies.

Many of the companies in cannabis are consumer facing which means your company needs to work with a cannabis marketing agency that has experience communicating effectively to consumers, especially online. Since there are so many restrictions in the cannabis industry around marketing it’s important to work with a cannabis marketing agency that understands the rules and regulations.

Our team is specialized in running social media accounts in the cannabis space. We are experienced in communicating within the guidelines online to not get your hard earned accounts flagged by the algorithms. We also have ample experience in content creation and product photography for cannabis brands across the U.S. from vape companies, to edibles, dispensaries, CBD companies and more. 

If you are looking for a greater reach with your cannabis marketing we also offer Influencer Marketing programs working with micro-influencers across the U.S. to promote your cannabis company online in an effective and professional manner. Learn more about Influencer Marketing here.

B2B Cannabis Companies.

A business to Business (B2B) company’s main objective is to get their product or service in front of other organizations for resale. Our job is to make that transaction as appealing as possible. Our team has experience working with B2B companies in various capacities in the cannabis industry handling marketing collateral, website design and development, content creation, blog writing and more.

With over 7+ years in direct wholesale sales and cannabis marketing, we have experience creating marketing materials for wholesale products, sales sheets, as well as high-quality photo and videography to showcase your product in the best light.

We also offer psychology-based sales training to help boost your wholesale efforts and generate consistent revenue.

Cannabis Marketing | YouWho Digital
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Cannabis Marketing | YouWho Digital

Cannabis Marketing Services.

“Working with a team like YouWho is an invaluable asset for a small business looking for a more professional look across all digital platforms. Not only have they been crucial in our social media growth, they also completely revamped our website and helped us launch e-commerce. With all their shared experience in the cannabis industry it’s nice to not have to explain nuances you might to a more traditional marketing agency; they just get it!”

Tom Moore

Director of Operations, EUREKA

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