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Digital marketing has become an integral part of how businesses compete and interact with their customers online. Whether it’s through a social media presence, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising or SEO we help our customers stand out amongst the online crowd.

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Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Over 72% of customers prefer businesses to communicate with them via email. If you are carefully crafting welcome emails, newsletters and promotions you will be able to turn email clicks into sales. We focus on personalization and segmentation in order to achieve the results you want to see.


  • Campaign development & implementation

  • Responsive email design

  • Landing page & form optimization

  • Analyze campaign results to set goals for growth overtime

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Often times social media is the first interaction and point of contact potential customers will have with your business. As of 2019 the average user has 7 social media accounts with 95% of adults under 65 spending at least one hour a month on social media. By building relationships with your target audience online you increase credibility and the likelihood to convert a “follower” into a sale. In order to catch the attention of these online users you must be consistently creating engaging content.

Our team specializes in cannabis social media management, with over 10 years combined cannabis industry experience, we understand the nuances and restrictions that come along with the cannabis industry. We focus on creating engaging content that meets your team’s messaging and sales needs while ensuring an authentic connection to customers.

We help businesses determine the most effective platform in which to promote your services whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.

Social Media Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a new age strategy that combines old and new marketing tools to help get your brand in front of a target audience by using an already trusted source to help market your brand in an authentic way.

While many agencies focus on targeting celebrity influencers and those with 10K+ followers, we’ve found that the niche for authentic engagement and ROI is with micro-influencers, or those under 10K followers. Through various campaigns we’ve found that micro-influencers have a greater reach to their audience and are a most trusted source with their followers.

Especially in the cannabis/hemp industry since advertising is restricted influencer marketing is a great way to get your brand in front of a target audience. We specialize in custom campaign creation working with effective influencers in your target market. Based on your goals and budget we craft a campaign that’s designed to bring awareness and engagement to your brand, or drive traffic to your retail or online outlet.

Influencer Marketing

What our influencers are saying

“Working with Youwho Brand has been a wonderful experience. The chance to work with awesome cannabis companies, and learn about their products and how they got started in the industry has been great. Youwho Brand goes above and beyond for their influencers by suppling products from these incredible companies, lab tours, and photo shoots for a overall pleasant experience that makes me feel like part of the team. Keep up the great work!”


“Youwho is very passionate about every aspect of what they do, from photos to content. They put me at ease and I felt comfortable going forward with future endeavors. I am grateful to work with such a wonderful company!”

Pay per click advertising

Pay-per-click advertising

Utilize pay-per-click advertising channels to generate higher ROI for your business. We provide cost-effective services to help build your brand and reach target audiences while being conscious of your budget and end goals. With YouWho Digital you’ll have experts on your side, combined with the focus and consistency needed to produce results.

While PPC advertising isn’t recommended for every business in the cannabis industry we can work with you to generate a creative strategy that is effective in producing the results you desire.

Influencer Marketing

What our clients are saying 

Working with a team like YouWho is an invaluable asset for a small business looking for a more professional look across all digital platforms. Not only have they be interracial in our social media growth, they also completely revamped our website and helped us launch e-commerce. With all their shared experience in the cannabis industry it’s nice to not have to explain nuances you might to a more traditional marketing agency; they just get it!

Tom Moore – Director of Operations, EUREKA

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