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About YouWho Digital
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We Do Business Different.

YouWho Digital is a new take on the digital marketing agency and it all starts with reimagining how we ourselves do business.

The traditional approach to the esteemed digital marketing agency was 5th avenue vibes – a perk-filled office, a stellar view and plush chairs for client meetings. What gets lost in the aura is that the client is on the hook for all of those show stopping amenities and you’re likely over-paying just to prop up the allure.

In the 21st century, technology has allowed us to transcend nearly all time zones and physical barriers, including the need to fill office space. We have incorporated that idea into our business model, utilizing a distributed workforce that not only allows us to lower our overhead costs but to also field a team of highly talented team members, regardless of where they live.

That means you get access to the same high-quality marketing services, without the markup. We can promise you aren’t picking up the tab for our morning latte because, well… We make the same ol’ pot of coffee every morning – at home.

Our Core Values.

Our core values are part of our DNA. They guide the way we work with our business clients, within our communities and with each other.

Customer Focused
Honest Pricing
Excellence First
Results Driven

Marketing Simplified.

We have also simplified the marketing process to deliver real results with tailored services that generate a high ROI, while at the same time making these marketing services accessible in terms of cost and understanding.

We don’t up-charge, overcharge or over-sell.

We give your business exactly what it needs when you need it, scaling with you every step of the way in your own business building journey.

We believe that all businesses deserve access to the same high-quality services that corporate companies utilize, minus the mumbo-jumbo and high price tags.

Simplified services, honest pricing and a team that understands business from the ground up. We are proud to be your digital marketing agency.

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Our Core Services.

While we are a digital marketing agency, we offer a full-suite of complimentary marketing services designed to build a strong foundation for your business to grow from.

Website Design
Social Media
Content Creation
Brand Collateral
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
HubSpot SEO Certified Agency
HubSpot Content Marketing Certified Agency
Clutch Small Business Consulting
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Jarrod Mason | YouWho Digital
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Meet Our Founder Jarrod Mason

On a mission to bring innovation to every small business.

Jarrod comes from a lineage of entrepreneurs and is one of the most passionate small business advocates you will meet. He grew up in Lamar, Colorado working from a young age in his grandparents businesses. This not only ignited his own passion to become a business owner himself, but his journey to support businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Jarrod has over 15+ years of experience working in various sales and marketing positions. He has worked in a multitude of industries, including but not limited to big-box retail, brick & mortar retail, hospitality, public health, construction, landscaping, wholesale, and industrial agriculture.

He has also earned a BSc. in Psychology/Neuroscience that he uses to understand and predict market dynamics that influence how people make purchasing decisions. He uses this skill in a number of ways but most notably with increasing the conversion rate of websites and online advertisements.

Jarrod decided to start YouWho Digital to address the growing need for small businesses to compete with large corporate companies, regionally and locally. When looking at the landscape of marketing agencies, he noticed a glaring hole where most would either not serve small to mid-sized businesses or they would set the bar high with large retainers or unnecessary services that don’t actually push the needle forward.

When Jarrod isn’t building websites or optimizing online campaigns, you can find him outside exploring the Rocky Mountains or getting his hands dirty around the house. A true aficionado of the work-life balance.

Trusted by Small Businesses in ALL Industries.

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Let’s Talk Business.

Business is what brings us all together and it’s through your marketing that we’ll set you apart. Let’s chat about a game-plan to take you to the next level.