Denco Provider Network came to YouWho Digital as a startup company looking to expand their service with the purchase of three Dental offices in the local area. The team has plans of expanding further in the future by providing mobile dental services, online sales, mental health services and more. Collaborating with the team, we crafted a contemporary logo encompassing four distinct styles: stacked, horizontal, monogram icon, and text icon designs, each available in a range of color variations.

The client’s initial concept was a wave design that we thoughtfully incorporated into the “D” of Denco that will be used as a unique element to their brand as well as the monogram icon. The color scheme used was based off the client’s “ocean theme” which created a harmonious balance within the provided spectrum, imparting the desired compassionate and healthcare-focused brand concept. The logo’s expanded range of color options makes it adaptable for use across print, digital platforms, and embroidered apparel.

We have full confidence that the logo design will serve as a distinctive asset for Denco Provider Network as they propel their business forward into the future.

  • Services Provided:

  • Logo Design and Development
  • Logo Revisions with the Client
  • Photorealistic Mockup
Denco Provider Network Logo Design | YouWho Digital
Denco Provider Network Logo Design | YouWho Digital
Denco Provider Network Logo Design | YouWho Digital


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