5 Actionable Tips: Web Design for Your Construction Company

By Published On: June 6, 2022

Perhaps you have been in business for 30 years and haven’t redone your website in years, or you have a construction website, but you aren’t generating leads. Now would be a great time to redesign your website in order to capture new business. As a marketing agency specialized in construction website design we’ve created 5 actionable tips in web design for your construction company to follow that produce real results!

For a construction company oftentimes the last thing on your mind is your online presence, because let’s face it you’re focused on building homes or commercial projects in the real world. However, that creates a problem for your business because over 76% of consumers are looking online for goods and services which means your online presence is imperative to your businesses future success.

Having a strong web design for your construction company will lead to more leads, increased awareness online via search engines, and generate more trust from potential customers.

1. Professional, Engaging Web Design for Construction Company

Did you know it takes the average person 50 milliseconds for someone to form an opinion about your business based on your website? That means it’s absolutely imperative to create a web design for your construction company that is engaging and professional. The website should be visually appealing immediately drawing customers in.

web design for your construction companyHaving clean photos that showcase your services at the top of your website homepage is important, as well as including a tagline so customers immediately understand what your company stands for. Most consumers are not scrolling through the entire website before making a decision on whether to purchase from you or not, so it’s your job to engage them early on in the scroll cycle. This is because only 22% of customers are scrolling to the bottom of your website.

Take time to properly introduce your company in the About Us section sharing your mission statement, credentials and company accolades. The Service section should clearly showcase your core offerings answering common questions customers may have about the services you provide. Include a Blog Page on your website to show customers that you have the knowledge to do the job, offering them resources and education on your area of expertise. Include a Contact Us page that is clear and easy to use so potential customers can easily contact you.

Following these tips when showcasing your web design for your construction company in a professional and engaging manner will lead to more leads and gain trust with potential customers.

Now that you’ve taken the time to build out the proper web design for your construction company you need to ensure the website is optimized for mobile. As of 2021 over 54.4% of all global website traffic came from mobile devices. This means that your customers are using their phones to find you online! If the web design for your construction company is not effective on mobile you are losing out on over 50% of potential business.

The web design for your construction company should be responsive, which means that no matter the size of screen someone is viewing it on it will become “responsive” showing the navigation menu, ensuring the text is eligible, and images are properly scaled. If your website is responsive Google search will reward you for your efforts ranking you above competitors whose website is not responsive.

The number one reason for having strong web design for your construction company is to generate leads and increase awareness about your company online. The first two tips allow you to create a professional, visually appealing website that is mobile friendly, but all of that is useless if you aren’t paying attention to your lead generation efforts.

Do you have a clear call to action on your service pages? Is your company’s phone number and email address easy to see on your front page? Do you have a popup to gather email addresses that you can later use in an email campaign? If your construction website isn’t addressing these items then you are likely missing out on potential leads.

Make sure there are multiple conversion points throughout the web design for your construction company in order to make it easy for potential customers to take action. This is because the average conversion rate on a website is between one to three percent. While this may seem like a low number, let’s say you have 1,000 people visiting your website with 100-300 taking action to contact you for a service that’s a strong lead generation tool that shouldn’t be dismissed.

Take time to include a Call to Action in the web design for your construction company in order to reap all the benefits of your online presence.

Tip #4 goes back to expanding upon what you learned in Tip #1. Having a professional and engaging web design for your construction company leads to trust by consumers. Once the customer is committed to scrolling through your website the next big selling point to wow them with is Customer Testimonials. Having positive reviews and testimonials throughout your website will increase your reputation and help potential customers gain further trust with your services.

It’s known that 95% of consumers are reading reviews before they decide to purchase a good or service which means if you’ve got em show em! Positive reviews and testimonials will only help your online reputation and will lead to future customers.

Another great way to include testimonials in the web design for your construction company is to include before and after photos which will visually tell a story to potential customers. There’s a reason why there’s the saying “pictures are worth a thousand words” that’s because the proof is in the pudding. Showing potential customers your good work online is a significant way to gain new business online.

Now that you’ve gone through all the trouble to create a web design for your construction company that is professional and engaging, mobile-friendly, includes lead generation tactics and testimonials you need to make sure the website is user-friendly. This means the web design should be easy for the layman to navigate. There shouldn’t be more than 1-2 buttons to click to get to the next navigation, text and images should flow easily telling a compelling story. Ensuring your website is UX-friendly designed with the consumer in mind is a telltale tactic to gain a new customer.

Your website is your first impression to a potential customer, ensuring they are being taken care of from the moment they land on your website, to the point of clicking send on a Contact Us form, it’s your job to ensure the website is engaging and provides them with the information they need to make an informed decision about your services.

If you follow these 5 actionable web design tips for your construction company you are sure to see success in your online presence.

If you are looking for guidance on your construction website design check out our page to learn more about the services we offer for the construction industry.

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