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By Published On: January 13, 2021

Hindsight is 20/20… The age-old expression has taken on a whole new meaning now that we’ve put the lid on 2020, so we decided to take a look back at what 2020 has taught us as well as offer some insight into our decision to rebrand to YouWho Digital.

Hindsight 2020

The year 2020 will no doubt go down in history as one of the strangest and most insightful years to date. I will skip the highlight reel for all of our sake of having to live through it, but I do want to discuss a few of the events that opened our eyes to our present moment.

In 2020, we experienced a pandemic that completely disrupted how we live, work and go to school, how we communicate with our families, and how we do business. We saw how the corporate office was disbanded into kitchen tables and corner offices of our homes. Conference room meetings replaced by Zoom calls, real estate agents virtually showing homes, curbside pickup instead of dine-in eating, and video-chatting with our families over holiday meals.

2020 showed us all that life can be turned upside down in a blink of an eye. It also showed us that as humans, we have the propensity to overcome the adversity and find solutions quickly to meet our needs. The truth is, most of the technology many of us became privy too in 2020 has been around for a few years and the idea of life in the “digital world” is something we actually recognized and wrote about when we initially founded our business. It just was not widely accepted because humans by nature are creatures of comfort and why fix what isn’t broken, right?

The truth is, we are heading into a digital world as we speak and faster than ever. There continues to be a migration away from city centers to more sustainable living in suburbs and rural communities. Working from home is here to stay and the idea of a distributed workforce is only the beginning of long-term changes we will see in a digital world. E-learning, e-commerce, and e-sports will become synonymous with e-mail and we may very well never leave our homes again. Kidding aside, the world is different and we knew we had to be of service to business owners as we all grabble with these long term changes.

Welcome to YouWho Digital

That all brings us to today. In our deliberation of 2020 and what that means to us as individuals and as a business we recognized that we had to leave Youwho Brand in 2020 and focus on the future of digital in 2021. We decided to rebrand to YouWho Digital to embrace the shift to a digital world and to assist the many that will be making that journey for the first time or doubling down on their efforts to ensure a solid digital presence for the future.

YouWho DigitalWhen we started YouWho in 2018, we knew we simply wanted to help others elevate their marketing presence. We worked with a lot of companies in other capacities that had a great product, great message or a great team, but were missing a beautifully designed logo, a functioning website or really clean product shots that would instantly elevate their brand and business.

When we launched in 2018, we initially focused on the cannabis & hemp industries because of our experience and inherent understanding of the plant. At the time there weren’t a ton of niche cannabis marketing agencies that truly understood the subject nor were there agencies that understood the regulatory nature of the industry and how to keep your cannabis marketing efforts online compliant. With this expertise to differentiate us, we set forward with building our company, scope of services, technical expertise and our foundation. After two years in business here’s what we learned!

Full-Service Offerings

We learned that many agencies are not full-service agencies which can hurt the client in the long run. Some of the first clients we brought on had solid marketing strategies, however their services were being performed by a motley crew of providers. This made it not only difficult to organize assets, but also made it difficult to effectively communicate the brand messaging as a whole. We realized what these companies needed was a streamlined, centralized hub where all of their marketing strategy is organized from. Having a streamlined approach coming from one agency allows for consistent messaging across channels ultimately improving the customer experience.

We recognized this was happening for many of our clients and understood the best way to become a long term partner for these companies was to offer a full suite of services. So we did just that. We’ve built a one-stop-shop for all of your digital marketing and traditional marketing needs, complete with experienced industry veterans and seasoned in-house staff to create a seamless experience whether you need a new website, fresh product photography or solid SEO optimized blogs, YouWho Digital is your solution provider.

A Glimpse Into Our Past Work

Form Follows Function

As our company has evolved over the last few years, so has our skill set which made us realize our own branding and website design wasn’t up to the standards of the work we were producing for our clients.

Despite those apparent downfalls, we realized our clients didn’t care about our look as much as the quality services and products we were providing them. YouWho was still able to attract clients through traditional means such as our personal networks, word-of-mouth, and direct client referrals. Through all these lead generation channels not once did we have someone question the ability of our services based on our website or our logo at the time.

This was a fairly profound concept to discover, but upon further thought it was exactly how it should have been. What we realized is that through building our own business we put the focus on the products and results we were offering. We focused on creating the best social media campaigns we could with the resources and knowledge we had at the time. We focused on building beautiful and functional websites that checked every box our customers wanted. We focused on listening to our customers every need and crafting a plan to utilize their budget wisely, while delivering what the customers wanted and needed. We focused on producing the best possible product we could at the time and focused on very little else, proving the concept form does indeed follow function.

At the end of the day what mattered most to our clients was that we listened to their needs, cared about their budget and delivered upon the promises we crafted in the scope of work. This level of trust is truly humbling to us, which is why it was such a profound moment to look back on the growth and evolution of YouWho.

New Look, New Name, Same Great Service

So why didn’t we just maintain the status quo and keep the brand assets we already had? Honestly, we wanted to give our current and former clients something to be proud of. They stuck with us from the start, blindly trusting in our abilities simply because they believed YouWho Digitalin us as individuals. Plus, all businesses go through a brand identity evolution in time. This transparent story is something our clients could tangibly relate with and know we are all part of a similar journey.

With regards to our logo, we knew we had to create something that would resonate with others and communicate our core offering [digital marketing] while also showcasing an integrative design to reflect the need for a cohesive marketing structure. We also wanted to capture the tech aspect of our business and drive forward with a futuristic look that flowed visually.

We kept the original brand colors because blue and pink are important aspects that convey our brand values; invoking trust, security, calm, creativity, and compassion. We decided to accent with black to help provide a sense of boldness, sophistication, and security that reflect our commitment to our customers to produce results while maintaining compliance. The final logo redesign created a sleek, sophisticated look that will quickly communicate our company’s purpose while creating a lasting impression for years to come.

Looking Ahead

2020 was a year for the books. The lessons it has to teach us are only just beginning to be understood and I believe we will all look back at 2020 as the year everything changed. We will also look at 2020 as a year of tremendous growth for YouWho Digital and a reassuring nod from the universe that we are on the right path. With our new look and new name, we will continue to expand our services to meet the needs of our customers and continue to stay ahead of the curve to prepare businesses for the needs of the 21st century.

Whether your business has made the transition to the digital world or not, you can rest assured YouWho Digital will be ready to help you when the time is right. Our customers have trusted us to get the job done since day one and we will continue to show our customers they were right to choose YouWho – To help You become Who you want to be.


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